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  1. please admin unmute me After this, it will not happen. my id is STEAM_0: 0: 2127367518
  2. hi admin: I try to pay your site my country card does not accept. plz make other payment option. like paytm,american xpress, etc. I can send payment from mobile app. please suggest you have any international payment mobile app.
  3. can i change menu rus to eng?
  4. Loading only when I connect to Italy Servers. But the other server runs fine like bcm de_dust2 bcm office only bcm de_nuke etc. I update the game but not solve i reinstall the game but not solve. pls suggest me any idea. my steam id :- STEAM_0:0:2127367518
  5. thank's lexx youre good
  6. http://playbcm.net/css_stats/index.php?p=playerstats&id=1481
  7. I did not change steam id
  8. Мы играли, возможно, 1 год назад
  9. Do you remember?
  10. do you recognize me? I am killer my gaming nick name
  11. Вы (Justin Ajmal) подчеркивает, почему меня там
  12. Аластар Я понимаю,
  13. How you can ban without any reason. only same name?
  14. Please remove me from the ban
  15. How did you ban me without cheating?