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  1. All i ask a spec and not from u mrkot from lexx u do nothing for us
  2. Hi I want to from admins in italy map spectat the player. niko .he know where the positions of other players and I know the difference between the pro and the cheaters and ty
  3. Hi i get mute with no reason please check ban list and ty
  4. Hi i get muted for 5 days for no reason pls check banlist
  5. Если появляется объяснительное видео, я буду рад
  6. @Lexx Я хочу, чтобы купить php, потому что я не знаю, как его купить и поместить больше, потому что в моем PayPal не работает
  7. أصبحت الأغاني القديمة وهناك العديد من الأغاني الجديدة أعتقد أنه يجب تغييرها شكرا لك
  8. Hey guys i want say .. dnger cant talk english . I talk about he cuz dont understand english . And he bought a new acount from freind he want ask why banned he in a new acount .cuz not a violation of laws he just joined today from a new acount . He very sad about this subject
  9. Plz admin we not do a mistake give us onther chance and look if we a violation of laws go banned all ok man just give all team nemesis onther chance .. and swear dont do any mistake we cant pay and not have cretad card Thx for all
  10. Lexx this is my acount okay A 00 but i give to dangr and gfr cuz not have acount and him cant make one ..
  11. هل اشتريت كمبيوتر جديد تم حظره؟ لماذا لماذا تم حظر أنا اشتريت جهاز كمبيوتر جديد ولم يفعل شيئا خاطئا؟ @ ب ليكس
  12. Hi. How is everyone here . The big and best server in all server ..bcm9# italy My name in this server( nemesis A 00) I love play in this server and i love everyone in there I just want talk to all admin to explan its all my team just play for fun and enjoy the . But admins ban all . Why .? Have we made any mistake.and violation of laws. We just enjoy playing with you and hope you will lets to play in peace and support us so that the server grows in us and in your presence And thx for allowed to me talk for all . Goodnight and good luck to all . 😍😍😍
  13. Lexx I am waiting to vote and thank you for understanding my situation. I can not explain much because I do not know English and thank you all