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  • Пол Женский
  • Возраст до 15
  • Режим игры Custom
  • В игре я Аутист
  • Оружие Гранатомет
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  1. wall hacker now at BCM#9 italy
  2. ban for no reason
  3. thx.. i do for no reason 1 time back it for us so we can bann cheaters when Admins not in the server
  5. hacks and why i cant use voteban pls go at italy map admin ban this shit
  6. iam abbas play at bcm#9 cs_italy i got banned for 5 days for nothing please remove ban
  7. I can not understand Russian
  8. he play now at bcm#9 italy
  9. he must got banned alwyas talk make game boring
  10. bullet 28 you say that iam free to use but iam still got banned
  11. Why iam still banned from use my nick name !!!!!!!!!!
  12. For all admins i respect all of u, but in that time i started to do anything to make admin kick me from the server. can u give back my nick name dont do that now after 15 or 20 or 30 days please define the time of banned?
  13. can you give back my name ,Lexx