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  1. i got mute for 10 days because i do a mistake i know if i share an ip of another server i will got mute but that was mistake i didnt want that ,can u unmute me u know me i live at BCM#9 italy
  2. لا اعتقد لانهم يعلمون انهم شراميط وانا احبهم
  3. gfr
  4. nooob google translate tell him that is not like this word
  5. what son of bitch lololo nothinhg like that
  6. جاوبني
  7. يا ابن الشرموطة يا عزيزي
  8. bullet28 Hello !help
  9. ok i was good person for BCM for 1 mistake 10 days LoooL
  10. so i didnt mean do that was mistake -_-
  11. at itly
  12. if be there or 1 of noob admin there i dont need to come here .i need them at server .and u mrkot the best noob admin ever
  13. was 2 one of them got banned for 1 hour
  14. ban pls
  15. at italy
  16. AoMoBoN his name seem like . in russian language
  17. at italy whall hack
  18. just watch he admin]]]
  19. helllo i have video but its up 10 MP
  20. Demo dosnt work i dont know why
  21. or nissan was wallhacker see this round in demo he was at far side and make a kill in appartmetn at wall
  22. _!_
  23. at italy