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О Bladee

  • Рядовой ★★
  • День рождения 06.08.2002


  • Возраст 16-20
  • Город Piešťany
  • Режим игры Custom
  • В игре я Аутист
  • Оружие Винт. АК-47
  • Интересы Music , Playing , Photo-editing

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  1. All right thanks
  2. Hello I have new css , can I get my points restored please @Lexx my steam id is ... thanks STEAM_0:0:190975255
  3. Hello  @Lexx i just downloaded CSS from your website and i need my points to be restored please

    My steam ID is STEAM_0:0:190975255  Thanks :)

  4. Is there any link where I can download the BCM SKINS of CSS GAME ? Because I have steam css @Lexx

    1. Lexx
    2. Bladee


      I mean the BCM VERSION OF CSS skins @Lexx

      I mean the skins that are in BCM CSS VERSION @Lexx

  5. DAVID want to give me admin because he will not be playing and bullet28 ignored it ( DAVID posted status ) , will you accept it ? @Lexx 

    1. Lexx


      Admin rights are not transferred

  6. @Lexx Hello , so i was playing Italy now and player named SlipKnot_CZ was hating me and other players calling me " Pojebanec " Which means in my language something like motherf!cker atc. Talking to other players they are " Lucky gays " atc. I think he deserves mute because he is doing this bad stuff for so long and i didnt even ever saw him muted or banned ... Here is evidence what he is saying , if you want admins you can translate it ... Its in SLOVAK , my native language and he is Czech ( We have similar languages ) Thank you  .... 


    1. Lexx
    2. Bladee


      thank you , i didnt even know he was muted so much times lol :D Thanks for muting him 


  7. so there will be just one playable server because everyone play office and others maps are dead :/
  8. Yeah thats right , AWPIndia_v2 is good and some AIM deagle wold be good also ! I WANT MORE MAPS ON ARENA !!!
  9. I think this forum is dead as me inside XD
  10. @Lexx When will CSS BCM work ? Its down / offline :/ :(

  11. Does BCM allows this type of text in game ? : ベテラン Because i used it and after first round in game it went gone (deleted from my name) Thanks for reply
  12. What i have to do to get my skillpoints back pls This is my Steam ID STEAM_1:0:190975255 and i had like 5000 poinst , now i have 100 :/ @Lexx
  13. Hello I have new laptop and my points are lost , i had 5000 points and now they are all gone. My name in game is Bladee and i want my points have restored please @Lexx @bullet28 thanks