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  1. not maybe gfr i told venome that i love u and i m muteddd wtf from when love is forbiden in bcm
  2. why i m muted guys i said ( that why i love him ) i mean it my friend is that worth mute ?? =pro killer=
  3. hello admins i hope ur fine can u please tell me why i m muted for 11 days i said 100216543 ct players is that rong ?? a player from t killed me when i was ct we was to many ct players and he killed me alone so i said why me htere is 1001512341 ct players and here i m muted again i cant even remember the nember i wrote admins i respect u and i love ur servers but u should really find a better reason to mute players unmute me please thank u again ( pro killer )
  4. admins i m sorry that was a joke i swear that website dont even existe we had a child in game my friend asked me how to change his voice to look lick a baby so i wrot babyvoice changer .com it not real it was a joke sorry guys unmut me please that was a joke i swear i m a good player in ur servers 23h on day thank u gentelments pro killer
  5. hello admins i m muted for 11 days cuz i said to my friend that im lag with 118 ping please on bcm italy only my name is pro killer i don't think i deserve to be muted thank u
  6. i got banned cuz i said fuck to my freidn he is my friend we were just joking i m so sorry please let me change my name i love your server .i promis i will never say something bad thank you my name is banned ( pro killer) now he is playbcm i said to my friend fuck u i was joking to him i m so sorry iw ill never say something bad i promis please let me change my name please i love your servers thank you admin my steam id 95679786