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  1. 2 short demos of him cheating. AIM + spin hack and wh. we voted to ban him but only for 5 days, please perm-ban him.
  2. Thank you once again, and sorry for my mistake, won't happen again. Have a good day.
  3. Thank you, sir. VIP still don't work, getting this message everytime... [VIP] Вы не являетесь VIP или срок действия истек. [VIP] Если вы считаете, что возникла ошибка, свяжитесь [VIP] со мной по e-mail: или на Maybe its because of my IP address? Every day my ip address is changing.
  4. I agree with mute, I know I said really bad words about russians, it's because everyone called me "poliak"(I am from Lithuania) and loughed, feeling really guilty and I am sorry. But just after that I bought VIP for 3 months just to compensate my bad behavior. By the way I still didn't get my VIP status, maybe because of that mute?