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  1. marciuss006

    You started crying from 73000 ticks about ban that I gave you before, then talked about other lithuanian - capo, and after that about us, that we don't understand in russian, and you said Litva sasat. As you can see in demo, meizoff is friend of fluzz4u so obviously asked to come here and write something about me and how unfair I am giving mute. If other admins will take of this mute from you, I will give you one again for this: Everyone now can see how toxic player you are and how yuo talking with players from other countries.
  2. marciuss006 78000 tick but you can start listening from 73000 ticks
  3. marciuss006

    Just stop talking shit about Lithuanians and you will be fine.
  4. marciuss006

    yea yea, you are good boy, every time talking shit about me and lithuania, next time think before talking.
  5. marciuss006

    Why are you lying? You joked about me and Lithuania with one player in our team. And this is obviously provocation.
  6. marciuss006

    You said: litva sasat. there is a demo file, you can watch it by yourself, 5 minutes before ban you started using bad words about lithianians. its your second time, so muted you for 2 days.
  7. marciuss006

    Because last time I muted player because of server rules breaking I did get warning from other admin.
  8. marciuss006 Got more if you want.
  9. marciuss006

    I had the same problem with this system. Most players don't understand that you can play good without cheats. I bought VIP and this problem is gone now.
  10. marciuss006

    You guys just need to accept us as good players and don't talk shit about us. Don't be mad because we are better players and everyone will be happy. We like to play and donate to this server. Just be friendly with us and we will be friendly with you guys.
  11. marciuss006

    LOL. Yea, right. I bet even you don't believe in these words.
  12. marciuss006

    You just don't understand because its not you. Try to imagine if you was me. How you would feel about that? You see everything from your perspective. It is normal to you to call other cheaters for two week and provoke to swear and say bad things. You just see us and no one else, only lithuanians get muted or banned because of bad words, others is invisible for you.
  13. marciuss006

    Calling be cheater for two weeks is normal? You, sunny and few other, everytime when I play calling me cheater/ "whasnik" and some other words that I don't remember, because I don't know russian very well. You loughing at me because I don't understand russian properly it is not racism? Shut the fuc* up kid you are not worth to have admin rights on this server.
  14. marciuss006

    No one will warn you, because you licking ass for almost every admin in that server. Everyone knows that. You just need to stop crying about Lithuanians and everything will be fine. Don't be racist and your butt will not hurt.
  15. marciuss006

    First you provoking us and after that giving mute, you are just a kid who bought admin rights from mom credit card and don't know what to do. Racist, vac banned, admin. Nice.