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  1. Asfand

    Well i dont think so that any personal conflict bcoz i hardly talk with any one here.. But I dont know why he is like that
  2. Asfand

    Well ok Thanks... but i guess there should be any SOP ,,, bcoz many good players come on this server. and due to these kind of players their appearance become short. Any way thanks for your support.
  3. Asfand

    Dear Admin I have requested few days back and inform that few players continuously distracting and disturbing with their abuse and non ethical behave. In this regard some one name " Черный Кот =^-_-^= " help me and mute them. But 2 players still not muted or they un mute them self i don't know how. One of the player name JOKER is still misbehaving and showing that some admin known him so he can do any thing on server. Can you please tell me what should i do now? you can check his chat log as well.
  4. Asfand

    Thanks for your support. I would definitely do this. I will try to play now and lets see what will happened ....
  5. Asfand

    if it happens again i will simply inform here. Because i m not aware of commands or i don't know tactfully what to do. So am i right that i will inform here again.?
  6. Asfand

    What does it mean ? sorry i dont understand ... and yes it happend ...
  7. Asfand

    Dear Admin As you know i am old user and player on your servers. Since many days few players abuse a lot when ever i try to play in BCM Italy server. This reason is that i am muslim and from other region. Kindly tell me is this forum and servers for players to play game or religion wars. They rate me minus and abuse and too much disturbance that i could not play. In this regard can you do any help ? or should i leave BCM forever ? because after bear a lot i am writing to you here. I m tired of this happening everyday. Players are Giedr , JOKER, fedirets_v, Usually these are too much pathetic people. I do not know that you support me or not. But as sports man or player i never try to abuse or disturb any other player ever. Regards Asfand
  8. Asfand

    Dear Admin There is one player seems using cheats and when everyone ask him to not use cheats or he will be banned. He said no body can ban him ... why? Non steam user ..... I have attached his screen shots and in CS Italy Map he reach at CT Spawn from T Spawn in just 3.7 seconds. Kindly review such kind of players.
  9. Asfand

    MrKot_Pozitive thank you for ur help. i will use translator
  10. Asfand

    Thank you very much for your concern. I would buy VIP because i m just a regular player who want to play for good time. Infect i m not the master of this game just very normal player . can you tell me how and where to buy?
  11. Hi Many times it happened they players on BCM ITaly ban me bcoz i m not from their region and even other players playing with 300+ ping but still no body ban them. Is your server not for players only for locals or nearby people?? is this fair to come on your server if any one want to play?????? any body can ban any one with no reason??? why???
  12. Asfand

    HI admin after deep observation the attached 2 players are cheaters. They can see behind the wall and almost 20 times they kill other play on exact location from behind the wall. I have attached both screen shots and also players list in 3rd screenshot , you can confirmed. Even i have asked them to play fair and they abuse and said no body can ban them. They usually come together. you can see their angel in screenshots. I am regular player of your servers. So please do the needful so we can play in peace.
  13. Asfand

    I will take that screenshot and send you when he will come back ... no probs
  14. Asfand

    Hello Admin Can you please check this player behavior. He can shoot without aiming, He knows what behind the wall, He can fly .... what is this all?? Is this any way or some thing kinda fishy. Most of players left when he play.
  15. Asfand

    may be its lag problem ... Thanks for your response