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  1. ScorpioN

    Aero My apologies for the inconvenience! But then you know that i am a Bulgarian resident and while i can speak (verbal) and understand (written and spoken) Russian language flawlessly, i am lacking of a prop. keyboard symbols and i am not really proficient at Russain grammar! Posting a topic like this using Google translate and/or ( seeking friends help will be pointless. Act for your age 31-35 and don't forget it's an international server and not limited by countries. Wish you an amazing weekend!
  2. ScorpioN

  3. 48317991_2232763570081177_5178914588204204032_n.jpg.542ad9f3d51efd3363431c5d200d62ec.jpg



      Первый- да, отбитый наглухо) а вот второй еще огогГО :giggle:

      А тебя вот не знаем еще... 

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      :rofl2: Шшштт..! :giggle: И ненадо. :))) В принципе я такой : Мне одному скучно, но люди раздражают. 


  4. Snoooow ... :penguin: Ура!



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      Да, почти 2 недели назад. В Болгария обосрали климат. Я еще хочу! ... Типа снеговики, ангелы... :))) Ну сегодня сольнце показалось и уже все.



      У нас бывает зимой куча грязи) Так что можно делать грязевиков и грязных ангелов :giggle:

      Но пока что тьфу-тьфу, морозец брррр ))

    4. ScorpioN



      :penguin: ... -> :tumbleweed:  :D:D:D 


      Ето не только у вас. Кароче "Европа" здес, но в еще большие кавычках.. :)

  5. ScorpioN

    Here is my custom and HD texture pack, things, models, sprays, particles, FX etc. With edited Gamemenu.res file for PlayBCM and RE:SOURCE wallpaper and menu background included. Two desktop wallpapers and custom screenshots included in "Screenshot" folder. CS:GO similar weapon sounds, footsteps and skins. Best (for me) from Gamebanana, Source.Mod, GameMods and my personal custom and updated *.wav packs. Straight from my studio workstation. Noice, overbits, higher mbit / bit rate, gate, gain (db) mastered. Still working on most of it. Approx. folder size after unpacking - 5GB (five gigabites). Known bugs: console error for *_deagle.mdl I have made a mistake to change some files and cannot trace back that error msg in the console. Not connected and doe not reflect to the gameplay. DOWNLOAD LINK: [click Google Drive] ENJOY! I really hope you will like it. Best Regards h3a7 | ScorpioN! P.S. Sorry about screens here for this topic. I hade to cut the size in half due to upload size limitation.
  6. ScorpioN

    Only at Italy2 server, you could be stuck while reborn using bot. It's annoying... Please fix it if can be. So my prop. is to close the chat between dead and "in-game" players. Even most annoying is when people start telling each other where, how, HP level. I think it should be fairer and not so important btw to chat while playing with killed players. Also, it will be super when we switch teams to switch team scores as well. So let's imagine we win with 25/10... Now we have to chase those 15+and then win with another 25 scores. It's anyway losing the game or getting too long and got bored. Often happens. Can we NOT have damage displayed? Throw a HE (grenade) behind the corner and see if there are people by damage display. Or telling your team you are at -70 ... - 90 ... Not cool! I understand it's a standard but i think it's giving away and besides where is the fun?! And last... Can we have something like team protection? Italy server - every single player is logging in as Terrorist. And before the auto-balance script intervenes it's already 3~5 rounds lost. I've got screens with 11 VS 3. And there are players (a lot) just switching back to "T's" after change. Which left us again many vs few and most of the time we are going back to prev team to balance it otherwise - no use of playing. No fun at all btw. Will be great if we could keep those teams intact and balanced. Maybe some team switch restriction after switched at least for 3-5 rounds?!
  7. ScorpioN

    Hi there! I have some things that i believe many players will be agreed and i was thinking about for a long period but had no time to write a post. I think that chat from spectators and dead players must NOT be visible in game. Lots of players keep telling and give hints. Its annoying and most of it this is distracting, while there can be lots of arguing in the main chat that has nothing to do with the gameplay at the moment. Commands like "!votekick" and "!voteban" are not working for some reason. Maybe i am missing something.
  8. ScorpioN

    Player name: HUSO , Origin: UA (at least on connect) , Server: Italy, Time played: around 11:30 I can't tell more than that and see the recording. That's all. BTW it was some little kid while i heard that player's voice. SO... 11 MB for 1 MB i cannot upload it. Anyways wallhack he can see them. Look at the radar and where he is positioning and how he plays. Amm... Shame i cannot hear my voice while explaining this to my teammates and others. At the other demo file, i can't upload is more visible. And that point when someone throws grenade and he actually running backward already... Before it even been airborne. I think 15 MB should be max file. huso_ua2.dem
  9. ScorpioN

    ... I guess after my prev. few posts i don't think i need to write anything else as info anymore. Someone using my SID got banned so i have ban ... AGAIN.
  10. ScorpioN

    RedFox Nice to hear it. I was thinking to propose a few helping lines the next few days when got some free time. Ill PM you with some GIT link when done if interested. Thanks! Have a nice weekend. Im going for a drink...