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    although there are some impertinent persons, most people in here are amiable, considerate, unassuming, gregarious, and sensible.
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    prejudicing, choosing the easiest ways like false accusations, blame others for your own mistakes, narcissism, egoism. Just because you are holding gaming records doesn't mean you are better than him/her and last but not least appreciate rather than being a toxic person.

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    1 - Balloonfest ’86 was a 1986 event in which the United Way of Cleveland in Ohio set a world record by releasing almost one-and-a-half million balloons. 2 - The massive FBI's fingerprint files, 1944 3 - The old “Telefontornet” telephone tower in Stockholm, Sweden, with approximately 5,500 telephone lines c. 1890. 4 - The man who modeled as Uncle Sam poses in front of the iconic poster, 1970 5 - Dr. Leonid Rogozov operating himself to remove his appendix in Antarctica, 1961 6 - Samuel Reshevsky, age 8, defeating several chess masters at once in France, 1920 7 - A high rigger cuts the top off a tree as his colleagues watch from below. c. 1920.