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  1. Ganesh44

    Anyone could share the update patch for v2225 (non steam).. спасибо
  2. Does anyone have the update patch for v2223(no steam) ? The current update patch i have crashes game on loading screen. Спасибо
  3. Ganesh44

    Allright Understood )
  4. Ganesh44

    Allright then,is it okay to use any charecters sprays from other games?
  5. Ganesh44

    Can I put it on an abstract background then ?
  6. Ganesh44

    Can you remove my spray ban i did not know that you should'nt spary infected skins but i still added a background so that it does not look real... anyways i will change my spray now.
  7. If laser sighted then G3SG1 Sniper or else Hunting Rifle works best for me. For melee Katana 4ever))
  8. 1. Ganesh44 2. Jai Ganesh 3. 2-Oct-99 4. 1 yr, 9-10 months on BCM 5. -
  9. There's a little witch in all of us 😉



  10. Ganesh44

    Screen shot in offline will do?
  11. Ganesh44

    Are you all having problems with infected skin mods on l4d1 maps after the update?
  12. Ganesh44

    Hello,is this clan still accepting members?
  13. Ganesh44

    Imo there should be more coop and versus servers..some vips playing versus in coop mode and coop servers crowded
  14. Ganesh44

    Why there are no BCM servers like before?