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  1. Ganesh44

    RedFox and can you tell me what is the difference in Madx Coop server
  2. Ganesh44

    Can anyone tell me what White Charger is and when does it appear? never seen in it any other server
  3. Ganesh44

    TROML but i have been playing for a long time on these servers using the same computer at the same location. This problem only has occurred for first time this week only twice so far randomly some days and it gets solved automatically after few hours but its annoying as i cant get to play during my free time
  4. Just about 8 hours ago I was playing ,but now when i try to connect to any BCM or Madx servers i get connection failed after 10 network connections are working fine as i am able to connect to any other servers which are not BCM or Madx.
  5. 1)How are points calculated at end of each round in Coop servers? 2)And in my stats the Record for infected was 289 and few days ago it automatically reduced to is that possible?
  6. Ganesh44

    its working,thanks
  7. Ganesh44

    replace those files?
  8. Ganesh44

    i dont have steam though ..and i cant find the latest version yet
  9. Invalid host version, expecting 2212, got 2213 BinkOpen( d:\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\media\l4d2_background01.bik )
  10. Ganesh44

    Only about 4 weeks in the game , tried versus for first time.
  11. #3873 On MadX Versus Moderator kicked me i dont know the reason this bs and totally unfair WTH