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  1. This answers all your questions and every mess you do It is good for you to go only sleep and when you come tomorrow you will find the duration of the punishment is over Thanks for your conversation With regards GFR
  2. It is strge that you are afraid of young people and at the same time you are saying what makes you deserve punishment This shows that you want to create trouble and chaos
  3. You came here only to make trouble Proof that you know you deserve a punishment but want problems to occur no more If you continue to make trouble, this will get you into bigger problems Defend yourself and do not interfere in what does not concern you
  4. I have warned you a number of times and you persist and this is my friend considered bad behavior Either I was joking with my friend Fils from Shank I am before I take any decision to see the message and explain it as a joke or violation of rights and this applies to all players
  5. The supervisor's threat is that you will post an objection that is not good You deliberately violate the rights of supervisors and this is not good for you
  6. This is the reason for the punishment Do you think I am a supervisor who knows the Arabic language I will avoid your punishment? You have bad behavior and erroneous times and deserve a penalty You have to respect the players and do not hurt them Either this, which you have given him, you do not have the right to do it, nor do you care, and you know this well I know what you are planning to do. But believe me, it will not do you any good Tip for you Be a good man
  7. This message was joking with my friend and this is not your shank I think that if you come with the evidence that you were punished for, you will realize that you deserve the punishment But it 's not good that you come with a message that does not mean you and asks and ask if this is true or wrong If I object to a decision I object to you You deserve a permanent ban because you come here to mess up and interfere with others You are trying to provoke some chaos here and this is not in your favor If you want to talk about your punishment, please forgive you and attach the jail to which you were punished
  8. check my Auto Mute Robot mute me for nothing
  9. It is better to accept the punishment and stop the chatter
  10. Do you think when you come here only say an objection accompanied by pictures and accuse me of being an unfair supervisor Will something change? First, I know what your plans Second, thank you for coming up with proof that you deserve the punishment And advise you: Be a good person and stop this bad behavior
  11. there are adeffrence for example if some one said noops any one He understands this like a joke but if some one said (kol a2yri) ( eat my dick) that is not good and that is not a joke! and you mia khalifa first you need ban nick name and you know this name bad mean it .. and all arabe know that second i always give you chance but you still You have bad behavior
  12. I warned you a few times and I used the word respect, but you persisted so I was punished