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  1. why !!
  2. my name : THE DARK ll Sniper my ip :
  3. hi now i back mute i dont know why my frindy tell me if u have big ping write !ping and now i have big ping and i write !ping !ping !ping !ping !ping !ping to be ping low and the admin ban me !!!!!! why mute me the admin evry time ban me why !!!!! um mute me admin !
  4. mrkot go to my post
  5. ok
  6. no man u didnt play good u was hack i was play ther in bcm i show u
  7. hello im mute now i dont why one playe in bcm he is my frinde he say im mute i tell him go and tell hem what u want and they will um mute u and the admin ban me why !!!!! my address my name is THE DARK ll Sniper i dont know why um mute me !
  8. admins .im respect you im here to take help from u pleas help me and un mute me and un ban nick name . please
  9. so .... please belive me i didnt say like that help me ....
  10. my brother was play that isn't me
  11. yes its im please help me i respect u
  12. nick name and mute please help me
  13. please any one comment
  14. HI please un mute me and un bannme me im mute from 8 months please help me im player in css italy only 9 and im good player my ip : my name : THE DARK please help me