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  1. luka

    ok Sr , thank you ) I did but no use , when I hit connect to whatever server I want it get's out (
  2. luka

    @bullet28 игра не работает, я скачал файл, который вы показали на Youtube, а потом игра перестала работать, помогите пожалуйста !!!
  3. Hey Mister Luka, how you find this Frenchy Nationalist? :D


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    2. CASTIEL7O4


      :wonder::O really)))



    3. luka


      OMG , you are a shallow hahahha
      what I meant never say that's ugly , that's  more than Ugly .
      you could say who WTF  is that , is she even a human ? hahahahah ( Joking omg)

    4. CASTIEL7O4


      i know i don't blame anybody Each person has their own taste;)

  4. players only love you when  they are playing :h: 


  5. h0ax

    Some more techno for you, bro )


    1. luka


      Video unavailable

      This video is not available (


  6. luka

    oh dear friends , thank you very much ) I'm r really happy with a big smile thank you for everything (I'm speechless )
  7. Slavril  lavigne 

    165684034_10219788577805416_4737298122298130980_o (1).jpg

  8. h0ax

    If you like "I take it smart", this one you will like too )


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    2. Хаски


      Точнее не про Обаму, а Обама ее поет, ну кароче не важно) прикольно звучит)

    3. luka


      Husky no hahah , I wrote to you sweet home Alabama :giggle: 


    4. Хаски


      What I heard and wrote):rofl2:

  9. luka

    thank you so much
  10. luka

    dear Admin , I was chatting with my Friend Mopc about Mods in the game , so I told him : I have it on her and Nick too as an Akatski ( I'm talking about Mods here ) and then I got muted somehow . thx Admin
  11. image.png.7de2ae17033c935dde70e07df674c780.pngIf you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman 🌷

    1. Tol9nNeSral9n



      У каждого свой дар...

  12. get ready guys next 6 months , the new Left 4 dead game )

  13. Привет, разработчик, сделайте что-нибудь с этим дурацким серверным фильтром, меня отключили просто для простых слов
    I'll make a topic about it idk where 

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    2. RedFox
    3. CASTIEL7O4


      @luka  yea why you laught? :D

    4. luka


      @HeroS Dadushka , I was talking to Kom my friend hahahah and then somehow I got Mute , we were joking ) and one thing you have to know Slava you are a 🐈 😁
      shotka !

      @RedFox thank you Bro 8) I'll be back 

  14. thank you @bullet28 for the new Update , you are a cool guy 
    I thought you are (a shitty shit ) a joke  :D

  15. thank you Ksusha , I really want to play with the Clan , but idk I need time )