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  1. Oguzhann

    I did not mention you.))
  2. Oguzhann

    ? do you have to come everywhere little admin))
  3. Oguzhann

    where is this rule?
  4. Oguzhann

    О чем ты говоришь this map is available on all servers just a similarity does not say minutes and hours there if you know reading it says the Day same map and score on the same day
  5. Oguzhann

    can this be 2 different servers in the picture you mentioned score made on the same day
  6. Oguzhann

    x So what will you say to that? there are many players like this
  7. Oguzhann

    we expect a demo if cheat is used
  8. Oguzhann

    I don't need to deceive anyone.
  9. Oguzhann

    He called me, I came, we passed the map no need to lie
  10. Oguzhann

    go and find real cheats.
  11. Oguzhann

    I was there too xd
  12. Oguzhann

    she was playing alone and zombies are coming all the time, they don't even give her the opportunity to open the door. Nobody came to the server for 2 hours nothing to do with cheating.
  13. Oguzhann

    @JustMadMan "!ping" Вы дали предупреждение не писать это. ? Был ли кто-то в тот момент, кто жаловался на это
  14. Oguzhann

    "некоторые люди" Я знаю 4 5 человек, которые делают это.:)