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  1. Oguzhann


    @Lexx why did you give it a second time you need to explain this i don't want anything else show me what I did wrong what I've done a violation I had no fault He warned me why I didn't violate. I just wanted to know answer and close the topic thanks
  2. Oguzhann


    @Lexxwhy do you give the same crime twice?
  3. Oguzhann


    @bullet28there was only one mistake. why was once again given
  4. Oguzhann


    Why is 2 penalty given now I'm not guilty but 2 forbidden why?
  5. Oguzhann


    so what kind of a mistake do I make after being silent never played again I wonder what I did bi error why do I want a video or an explanation
  6. Oguzhann


    i am not guilty. respects.....
  7. Oguzhann


    what does it mean? Why didn't I do anything? The microphone does not work meaning is changing bad in your language but normal in our language
  8. Oguzhann


    didn't use a bad word I was just talking (pls) translation error maybe
  9. @enot_rocket thanks @enot_rocket
  10. Oguzhann

    I wrote that red suits you very well. (Pls) people who have nothing to do with the subject please don't comment.
  11. @enot_rocket взаимная стрельба
  12. @Türkiye @Alena_ @enot_rocket @ClearSky
  13. myself @Türkiye Give me the gun!
    1. Playstik


      Nice) I will wait)