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  1. ahmetalkan

    im thinking about this and still i cant accept this Mute time. its not fair. As i said i just checked Banlist and many players got 1-5 days mute for bad words ( curse ) and p.s they were my friends i wasnt talking to foreign players. i was talking with my friends. please dear admins please can you make a restoration about my Mute time. like 3 days. PLEASE. i'll be more careful next time i promise you dear admins.
  2. ahmetalkan

    hi dear admins can you guys please delete my mute/ban everyone says some bad words in chat they got only 1-2 days mute but i got 13 days !!!!!!! this isnt fair. i want you to make my mute days better.
  3. ahmetalkan

    i didnt use any bad languagae .why did u guys muted me ? NİCKNAME : LORD OF DARKNESS. GİVE ME A GOOD REASON PLEASE !!!!!!YOU STUPİD ADMİNS MAKE ME ANGRY !!!!!
  4. ahmetalkan

    yo this file is not opening lol. and can ypu please speak english. why did you mute me ??????? i love BCM but you guys always mute me
  5. ahmetalkan

    okay but im talking about last one mute. i didnt use foul language. you guys should delete my mute ban. waiting for itcmon.davai lol please
  6. ahmetalkan

    Hey guys i dont know why but someone muted me for 7 days 2 days ago. it says "FOUL LANGAUGE" but no its not true i dont use foul language. please guys delete my mute ban. my game name is "Lord of Darkness". Thank you.!