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  1. Slopie

    Zwo isimli oyuncu bana ırkçılık, aşağılama, oyunda öldürme gibi birçok şey yapıyor ve şimdi bu aptaldan bıktım, annesine merhaba diyeceğim, lütfen onu yasaklayın Not: {TURK} Slopies is me (TURK) Slopies is zwo.
  2. Slopie

    I am Turkish and I want the game to be Turkish, there is no need for voices, only the articles will be in Turkish. How can I do this? I tried once but it didn't turn out to be Turkish
  3. Slopie

    • Slopies, Slopie • I opened the cheat only 1 time to test it then closed it but I was ban • I love your server, no profanity, there is quality, I want to play on playbcm, not on other servers Counter-Strike:Source
  4. Slopie

    I banned your server from my Slopies account for no reason, I did not open any cheat.
  5. Slopie

    Alex-SIERRA1 hi alex ElworneWinner is me and I don't speak russian sorry in spam my friend
  6. Slopie

    bullet28 ow my system is not enough for this game
  7. Slopie

    bullet28 I examined the video a little bit and realized that it was difficult to make, I didn't want to waste my time so I would do it if I wanted to, but swat 4 is now old and if a new swat game comes out and you open a server, I do
  8. Slopie

    Редд Янковски Thank you :))
  9. Slopie

    I want to make a map for PLAYBCM.NET in SWAT 4 game. This map will be in a way that players will not be bored, but I do not know how to do it, with which application. From which application can I do it?
  10. Slopie

    Teşekkürler Bro: DDD
  11. At the beginning of the game there are black bars and the text that a woman reads. I want to remove it. I want to start the game while everyone else is listening. How can I do that?
  12. Slopie

    bullet28 Ok Okey np thank you very much
  13. Slopie

    Hey @bullet28 are you here?
  14. bullet28 Hey i cant find _dis.ogg SWAT 4 sürümüm The Stetchkov Syndicate Help Pls: /
  15. Slopie

    Thank You But Can You Upload MediaFire??