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  1. T u r k e y

    You go to bed, you get up, you have Continuous Memati on your mind I think you fell in love with the man
  2. T u r k e y

    Güvenilmez Bir Kadınsın . Sanırım 2 Taraflı Bir Şeytan .
  3. minute 1 : 10   SoloTürk is Coming..


  4. You say he started the topic? The Provocative Nickname Who? used?? Who was the provocateur??? You can use a username that will not disturb anyone. You are making a plan with your friends You are creating the project Result Provocation ...? You and your friends don't come there to play How can I provoke whom? How can I troubleshoot? We will protest when the result comes out. There are even those who bring the subject to the imperial realm. in all this mess you declare yourself an ANGEL now?
  5. Azerbaycan / BAKÜ   3 ' Lü Tatbikat  Başladı .


  6. Selam  Kardeş   Sen Henüz  Rap  Dinlemedin 


  7. If Aladdin People Don't Talk About Josef Stalin, You Shouldn't Talk About It..! it's that simple .
  8. I can send free doctor ... Now you bring the subject to the empires? We live in the 21st century.. Arab empires lasted longer than the Russian Empire I guess your char is 100/- You Don't Have To Shrink For History And.. Arab Empires Have Never Colonized Any Culture or Civilization And.. They Never Forced People to Speak Arabic The Arab Empire Freed Every Culture, Every Civilization


    1. T u r k e y

      T u r k e y

      Türk  Askeri   Kurt   Olur .
      Girdiği  Yer   Yurt  Olur .

  10. T u r k e y

    The Man Wants To Tell This... Come Punch Me One Right Fist One Left Fist You are making fun of people unfortunately virtual environment