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    1. T u r k e y

      T u r k e y

      B i z   Hazırız..
      Hepiniz   Gelebilirsiniz    Sorun Yok


  2. T u r k e y

    2 person russian admin the same (word) punished you Why didn't you create (protest)? You cannot say I do not swear ..! you swear and make (protest) .. I follow you in the game you did not communicate with people I am helping you or they are helping you you don't thank them you are not communicating your communication (swearing) I don't think you need to use the microphone ..
  3. T u r k e y

    you need to know that I have been here for a long time I'm not saying that I know the Russian language 100% I understand 40% of what you speak .. !! are you saying everything with the microphone ?? you have to think about the other side, he understands you ...! you are insulting even on this page right now ..
  4. T u r k e y

    you always swear you swore 2 times in the game Russian Language (SUKA) (Blyat) you said these You even insult the written Russians you are playing abusive game System gave 3 days

    1. T u r k e y

      T u r k e y

      Gözlerinde ( KİN ) Belirgin..

                      Silahlarımı   Bana  Verin..

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    1. T u r k e y

      T u r k e y

      2 Weapons Made in Turkey
      MPT 55 - MPT 76
      not everyone can do this ..!  

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