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  1. Panda,

    The panda fights while eating carrots and snipers in his hand ready. safeguarding The crew drinking their coffee peacefully, the joyment ends when Panda gets tired, he takes the coffee confidently however the crew expand and swing like rabbits,many things happen in a flash. and a hand find its way at the beginning of a disaster and ends with a little smoke and laughter behind it.
  2. Panda,

    Is there a reason to protest if its gonna be trashed out .Why the rules if the players have to respect them and the moderator do not do. I demand the removal of her admin's rights due to failure to show the truth and tampering with evidence. , nor temporization and ignoring the rules. Regards.
  3. Panda,

    this video doesnt have (=ApelsinkA=) chat masseges. I think its obvious.)
  4. Panda,

    chat spamming ? -_- (=ApelsinkA=), noble cause. Panda
  5. love the song <3

  6. Panda,

    muted for saying to a friend "englishman loshara" nice :/
  7. Panda,

    where are admins ? +no players vote . this is bad
  8. Panda,


    ye , It's him , well done late better than never. I apologize for the confusion. regards
  9. Panda,


    # 831 "p5ych0" [U:1:114427099] 02:09 28 0 active player using WH , now dd2 hope for fast solution regards Panda
  10. Panda,

    "[R] k1x" big camper all rounds now in dd2 hope for solution! regards.
  11. Panda,

    now in office server , name "Whore" using wallhack , aimbot regards
  12. Panda,

    Jolly was saying in mic "noob , and suka , blyat" he is a friend and L... is my friend too ,we call each other's behalf of geniality yo cant just play silently without some fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. Panda,

    So its ok to say "suka blyat" but if I said it i get punished? Players keep saying it ,its a part of CSS.. Enemy Spotted
  14. Panda,

    Thats not funny, smh. Admin mistakes should be punished just like players mistakes
  15. Panda,

    Muted for saying "suka blyat" 8 days 🤦‍♂️ cmon take it easy 😶