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  1. V E N O M Have you seen the demo yourself? If it is a cheat then I will stop playing the game.
  2. player name (peter_iq) file1.dem
  3. I am from India Your server and my country lots of distance but aim not lagger! i have 40mbps internet speed. my pc give me 200 to 300 fps whitout any lag I took the VIP that I could never have a kickout fot high ping. but you always me kickout And this is not a point issue. I've been given more than 1500 hours times on your server. And these points came in the middle of the said.
  4. please admin unmute me After this, it will not happen. my id is STEAM_0: 0: 2127367518
  5. hi admin: I try to pay your site my country card does not accept. plz make other payment option. like paytm,american xpress, etc. I can send payment from mobile app. please suggest you have any international payment mobile app.
  6. can i change menu rus to eng?
  7. Loading only when I connect to Italy Servers. But the other server runs fine like bcm de_dust2 bcm office only bcm de_nuke etc. I update the game but not solve i reinstall the game but not solve. pls suggest me any idea. my steam id :- STEAM_0:0:2127367518
  8. thank's lexx youre good
  9. http://playbcm.net/css_stats/index.php?p=playerstats&id=1481
  10. I did not change steam id
  11. Мы играли, возможно, 1 год назад
  12. Do you remember?
  13. do you recognize me? I am killer my gaming nick name
  14. Вы (Justin Ajmal) подчеркивает, почему меня там
  15. Аластар Я понимаю,