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  1. ..::DAVID::..

    Can I post my discord server link in your server? I need a little support.
  2. ..::DAVID::..

    It will be kind enough, if I get a reply as soon as possible so that I can start the process.
  3. ..::DAVID::..

    and will it be okay , if i invite some players in my discord server?.. Actually I have a CS:S community there, and we can have free voice communication . And, also people will get a notification whenever I go to live on youtube. @Lexx
  4. ..::DAVID::..

    Will it be okay, if I do live stream at youtube for your server? @Lexx
  5. ..::DAVID::..

    Bladee Lol Dude. You just insulted. Lets see if they unmute u.
  6. ..::DAVID::..

    @Bladee...see...my ip also got changed due to my pc repair..and so i didnt ask bullet28 sir to restore my point...if u start the game from 0 point...it will be fun because u will be taking away 10 points..since you are a pro player :P..
  7. ..::DAVID::..

  8. ..::DAVID::..

    But if we plan 3 days earlier?
  9. ..::DAVID::..

    no. I mean, if a tournament is fixed 3 days earlier...there should be players. and map should be fixed according to votes.
  10. ..::DAVID::..

    There should also be a tournament of CSS.
  11. ..::DAVID::..

    better to close the topic for now. long time spent. cannot see that player. @Lexx
  12. ..::DAVID::..

    but the servers look empty at morning time. if there are players in a big map for eg. cs italy, then will it look nice??
  13. May I know the advantages of joining this clan?
  14. ..::DAVID::..

    Guys, we all know that when there is no players, then bots play in the server. But dont you think that the number of bots should be increased from 4 to 8, so that the server looks crowded?